Client Testimonials 

       Clients in:  
        Albuquerque, NM
        Phoenix, AZ
        Los Angeles, CA
        Ft.Worth-Dallas, TX
        Denver, CO

     "I got a reading from Chris during a time of great change in my life.  Her reading validated some of what I had gotten from my own guidance and expanded on it with a lot of detail.  She also gave me some information on an entirely new direction I may take that shifted my thinking about some of my goals.  Thanks, Chris!"  
      ---  Amy, Arizona
    "I am an international professional channel and teacher, and know many others in the psychic field.  There are, however, only a very few I would approach for a reading and Chris is one of those trusted few.  The reason?  She channels high frequency guides that have given me excellent guidance.  So if you want an ethical, loving channel that will access the deeper soul records to guide you towards your happiness then I would recommend you call Chris Cappuccino for an appointment."
    -- Richard Tait, Devon, England

    "Thank you so much on unlocking and showing me the gift! I'm so blessed! 
     I wanted to update you on my development. The most amazing thing ever occur, I channelled Mother Mary for my wife. She is one of her guides! I was completely shocked! Wow!  Along with delivering messages with friends and family, I have been mediating daily. I have been grounding and protection myself each time.  Thanks,"
 -- Bernardo Aguilar, Texas

​    "I had the first reading in my life at age 59 from Christine. That day changed my life forever! Christine has helped and guided me along my spiritual path ever since!"
 -- Sam M., Texas

    "I have enjoyed taking Chris' Channeling and Medium workshops. I signed up for Channeling. I was nervous not knowing what to expect, but as soon as saw Chris I immediately fell in love with her personality. She is so down to earth, with a heart that is pure and loving. She made me comfortable. It made me strong and confident in my spiritual path. I owe all to Chris, to make this happen with her guidance and teachings! As months passed I became a regular at her workshops. You must attend her Spring, Summer or Fall Solstice each blessing and clearly is personal and very uplifting. It is a perfect way to start your season, in a positive perspective. 
 -- Anna B., Texas

    "The information that you gave me made so much sense and answered several questions I have had for over 30 years." 
 --  Kat W., Texas