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                Channeled Readings
                    and Medium
              Private Readings/Classes by phone:                       

                   $ 60 for 30 minutes
                   $ 90 for 45 minutes
                   $110 for 60 minutes

         Learn about your self, your spirit, your 
          soul path. Understand yourself and your heart, 
          listen to your guides, angels and messages to 
          help you go joyfully forward in life, and be the 
          best YOU - that you can be.

Classes available: (online)

    ​Learn How to Connect with Your Spirit Guides/Angels
    Private Session:  $75 for 90 minute session
Have you sometimes felt there was some energy around you that you couldn’t quite see? Your spirit guides and angels are always around, we only need open the heart, relax and connect to receive their loving guidance. 
(Group rate available, $55 per person, min.3, max.4)

​    Learn How to Channel 
    Private Session: $177 for three hour session

Learning how to ground and center so your intuitive energies flow by releasing fears and open your heart to the light. Learn to communicate “out loud” what is heard, seen and felt when you connect with your guides and angels. 
(Group rate available, $150 per person maximum of 3)

[email protected] 
or 505-379-5343 to make an appointment 
for readings by phone or Skype
Located in the Santa Clarita, CA area 

Credit Cards accepted