We are all capable of connecting to the Source energy and know for ourselves the answers we seek.  All are always connected to the Source and need only ask for what you want and allow your heart to listen.  
Here are messages from Spirit guides, angels, star beings meant to give love, support, compassion, understanding and even humor to all who read them.  
                                          -- Namaste.

                                                   Photo by Michael Cappuccino

WINTER 2023 - Solstice, Reflection, Peace
Besides the holidays, we are experiencing the Winter Solstice this month and it is a time of self-reflection, release, wonderment, great peace, and joy. For as our year nears its transition into the New Year, we are reminded of all that we have learned and acquired from what we have experienced. 

We take forward with us ONLY that which serves us NOW and in the future. That which is experienced and moved forward from remains in the past where it belongs.

Listen. Listen to your inner heart, the intuition, the knowingness of you, follow where your spirit leads in self-respect, self-honor and self-love - as you allow that within yourself, know that you can give the respect, honor and love to those around you, and they in turn pass it one to others and the Light grows, It is your choice to move forward and be your true self, be not afraid of letting others see the real you. 

For there is no need to hide the light, the wonder, the beauty of that which each spirit being is. And you are all spirit beings as we are. One with Source, one with God. Let yourself come forth, embrace your oneness and your amazing light. Know, welcome and love that who you truly are -- for you are great, and you are LOVED above all. Remember and KNOW you are loved. Eternally. Be at peace. Be in joy. Be that light that is part of All that is.

Retain The Love, and remembrances of your growth and expansion of frequency to feel your evolving power with the Light and know you are one with All that is. We are all part of the Source, and the Source is our center and help guides us for the path to come.

And so it shall be.
Marusa, of the Pleiades

SPRING-SUMMER 2023 - Energy's Open!
The power for change is yours NOW. Tap into the Energy Vortex that is surrounding Earth now and through the summer. 

The recent five-star planet alignment was the opening and humanity’s “cries” and “prayers” for the world to move forward in peace, calmness, and understanding of all peoples has expanded it.

 We are beseeching the Divine Energy for more time to make our world better for humanity. The saying “power to the people” is true! We can all expand and extend this vortex of light energy by being a participant in making our Earth the paradise it is meant to be. We are the change!

 Don’t wait for someone else to do it, you start right now for YOU. This vortex amplifies what we send into it – whether it be spiritual, physical, mental or emotional – so make it wonderful! 

Have positive thoughts and ASK for all the good things YOU want in your life NOW, you can manifest your heart’s desire – BELIEVE in YOUR Divine connection with Universal Source

As a part of that Source, you have the power to create the change, be the change, and manifest that what you wish. ALLOW ABUNDANCE, JOY, LOVE, and SERENITY OF BEING ONE WITH ALL THAT IS flow into your heart and soul, feel the complete love that we all deserve. 

This Energy Vortex can be extended to last as long as WE – humanity – want it to by using POSITIVE thoughts and action. 
BE THE CHANGE and enjoy all good things!
                            Blue of the Pleiades 4/21/23

SPRING 2022 - Fresh Start
The triple 2 (2022) - divine number heralding a new start and positive thoughts manifesting into REALITY - make it so! This year is full of new starts in every aspect of life here on earth. The world is waking up from a 2 year hibernation. It was a time when we all went within (physically and spiritually) to discover what really is important to us and what no longer "works" for us. And we came to realize what we DO WANT in our life. Love. Joy. Friendship. Abundance. Freedom to be our true self, not what others want us to be. 

So start anew.  Be kind and compassionate towards YOURSELF - then you can be that for others. Be forgiving of self - and be forgiving of others. Be happy and loving to SELF - and give the same to others. Feel the joy of being able to once again experience life by being outside, traveling, visiting family and friends, taking time to enjoy what makes you feel ALIVE - cherish it!

2022 -- a new beginning -- it is up to ALL of us to take this opportunity to create a new, caring, loving, compassionate, joyful world for Earth and the people, animals, and nature who exist here to THRIVE -- Let's make it happen!!

FALL 2021 - Casting Off Shadows as we 
                        Move Toward the Light
This is the season when we gather in our harvest, replenish nutrients to the field from where the bounty came and sit back, cast away that which is no longer beneficial to us, and contemplate future wants and desires for our emerging new world. As we allow our Divine connection to communicate with us, and we listen with our hearts and change our actions, the world changes in bountiful ways. 

Believe in your true self, your true heart and spirit - know that all is possible for your highest good. 

Be in self-respect, self-honor and self-love - not for ego, but for the JOY of life. For as you love, honor and respect yourself, you can begin to give it unconditionally to others and little miracles happen. More joy, peace, laughter and abundance can enter your life.

 KNOW that YOU are ONE with ALL that is and you are loved unconditionally. 

   Wishing you an ABUNDANT HARVEST!



Keep moving forward, and make it a life YOU want and make it work for you. Trust in yourself, each other and the Divine Light.
Remember – “this too shall pass.”
The world is in a new era, and WE are creating what it will be!

It is coming! The holiday season -- And it begins with Halloween/All Souls Day. This is the time of year the “veil” to another dimension is thinner and those loved ones who have passed on are “easier” to connect with. When you think of them and remember life events, you may “feel” them around you. It’s a good time to communicate with them if you want. You can express love, regrets or forgiveness or just remember happy times with them. 
Thanksgiving is the next big one and brings up gratitude for the people and things we do have in our lives now. This year is unique in that some will have to “gather” remotely and connect through computers. But the heart connection is still strong. For others, it can be a time when they may be glad they have an “excuse” to not gather in person with relatives – and that’s okay too. 
Then Christmas/Hannukah/Kwanza come in with fun and good times. Again, this year everyone may need to get creative with new and different “traditions” to adjust to the “new normal.” But the heart of it is love, compassion and sharing with those in our life who mean the most to us. 
New Year’s Day!  Wow, I think this time, we are going to be really putting our desire for a “Happy” New Year out there! This 2020 gave us some hard lessons, but it is also an opportunity to re-evalute what we truly want in our lives. 

SPRING 2020 - New World

HOME – it has taken on a much deeper meaning over the last several weeks. Most of us probably haven’t ever had so much home time. Then you add in that everybody’s home with you! That’s a whole other thing. And for those who are working to help keep things on track – you probably wish you could be home just a bit more. (And THANK YOU for what you do!!)

As we begin to SLOWLY emerge from our home-hibernation, remember to carry with you your new centeredness. During your “hibernation” we were all consciously or subconsciously reevaluating what we deem important – such as wanting stylish clothes to just wanting a 4-pack of TP! It is a shocking shift of focus for the planet. And the repercussions will be felt for years to come.

At this time of REBOOT, all the new data we’ve discovered about ourselves – what we truly want in our life, who we want, changes to be made, and how we live our lives – keep your centeredness and stay grounded to hold onto this new energy that surrounds us. The energy that was created by 9 Billion people all wanting the same thing at the same time – GOOD HEALTH AND LOVE FOR FAMILY.  Very powerful, positive energy.

Take time to write down your thoughts on how you’d like to change your life starting now. What you can do to make that happen. There will be A LOT of releasing of old ideas and beliefs. Release what no longer works for you – and sometimes that may even include people. 

Listen to your intuition, your inner-self. Listen to your heart! Be kind to yourself, family, friends and strangers. All of us were pretty much smacked upside the head and we’re in a daze of this “new normal.”

The beauty is – we get to create the new normal! It is OURS to mold and create a good world around us. ENJOY what you do have and the people in your life. Be in joy.

      -- The Pleiadians

Summer Solstice - The "sunniest" day of the year! The beginning of a season of letting in sunlight and going outside to enjoy it and all Mother Nature has to offer. We feel more intensely the energy of the sun and absorb it for our bodies and our spirits (and use sunscreen on that skin!). 

And the nights are warm and allow us to linger and look up dream of touching the stars, as if their energy is ours for the taking.  AND IT IS!  

We are PART OF all this glorious existence. Summer is the season for truly celebrating our connection with Universal Source and the power of the universe. 

REACH OUT with your spirit and your heart and allow this powerful, joy-filled energy to flow through you and manifest in your life ALL good things for your highest good. And let the good times roll !!

Sunshine and flowers, being able to go out and enjoy nature feels so liberating after cold toes and noses of winter. As you enjoy the sunny skies, allow your spirit to soar as well. Reach out with your heart and feel the warmth of your Divine connection to all that is. 

While you are always connected no matter the time of year, somehow when you can get out and breath fresh air and play in nature, the link seems so much stronger and all-encompassing. 

Take a few minutes to let this energy flow through your being and savor it! Believe in the power of love and spirit and your ability to manifest for your life – ALL that you desire. 

Believe in yourself, and KNOW you are ONE with Universal Source. This powerful connection is for everyone – and that means YOU. You are part of the energy that flows through all things, and you are loved always. 

Be in JOY, and share this joy with others. We are all here to share and be with others. Give of your joy and love to yourself and to others. Be kind to yourself and kind to others. We are all one, rejoice and be glad!

    The Elysium

Winter 2019
Winter, a time when nature retreats into stasis and recharges herself. She protects her foliage by shedding leaves no longer needed; sends some animals into hibernation for their own recharging; and allows the snow, frost and cooler air to aid in her "beauty" sleep. 

We, the people, should also take this time to recharge, contemplate and prepare for the coming new life that arrives with the spring sun. 

Let go of old patterns, habits that no longer belong in your life, sometimes that can even be letting go of certain relationships that are harmful. 

As the weather is colder and many retreat to their own "caves," it is a time to take inventory of what is in your life. What to let go of, and plot what you want for your future spring. 

Reflect on all the positives in your life and what you can do to expand and add to it. What makes your heart sing and your feet dance! Invite that into your life, and watch the magic happen!

YOU can make it happen. YOU are the creator of your life. Make it loving, joyfilled, and abundant.
The Divine Energies are with YOU always!

May 2018
The air is fresh, the sun is bright and flowers and trees are in bloom. Spring! Some areas of the country had to wait a bit longer for spring, but it did come.

People knew spring had to come, just needed a little patience and trusted that it would arrive. We should also have trust and patience in knowing that joy, love and abundance will come into our lives when we state with full belief the wishes and desires we want to manifest into our lives. 

You have to ASK the divine energy for what you truly want for yourself, and believe, trust and know that it will come to you because you asked AND you DESERVE! We are all deserving of receiving the best of everything. 

Never sell yourself short, or your dreams. Go forward with positive energy, every step of the way feeling the truth of being connected to all that is. This connection brings you all you want. Keep your thoughts positive and for your highest good - and it shall be delivered. January 2018

The air is fresh, the sun is bright and flowers and trees are in bloom. Spring! Some areas of the country had to wait a bit longer for spring, but it did come. People knew spring had to come, just needed a little patience and trusted that it would arrive. 

We should also have trust and patience in knowing that joy, love and abundance will come into our lives when we state with full belief the wishes and desires we want to manifest into our lives. 

You have to ASK the divine energy for what you truly want for yourself, and believe, trust and know that it will come to you because you asked AND you DESERVE! We are all deserving of receiving the best of everything. 

Never sell yourself short, or your dreams. Go forward with positive energy, every step of the way feeling the truth of being connected to all that is. This connection brings you all you want. Keep your thoughts positive and for your highest good - and it shall be delivered. 

The new year is always a time of re-evaluating our life. What can I do different this year to make MY life better? What action should I take to create new energy, new joy, new abundance and enhance love and friendship into my life? These are questions we all ask, and resolve at the beginning of each new year to do better for ourselves and to help others.  

Always start with yourself. Get yourself in balance first so when you reach out to assist others, you have a strong foundation and not allow your own inner core to be depleted. The physical body is a good place to start to review if you are eating healthy, doing some exercise to keep fit, and getting outside in nature to absorb her rejuvenating energy.

Also an excellent time to review your spiritual strength, your higher consciousness and clear out old beliefs that no longer serve you, only hold you back. Release to the universe all old hurts, guilt, regrets and allow your new, clear, loving and manifesting energy to flow through you. 

Believe in yourself. Trust in your own intuitive awareness of what is for your highest good. Be good to yourself. Fill up your needs first and you will feel stronger when assisting others. Know that Divine Energy is always with you, surrounding you in love, and always available to provide guidance whenever you ASK.

Keep your energy field clear of negative thoughts and emotions, let positive energy fully surround you and fill you with love, joy and abundance. Stand in your power!

December 2017

Zap!  It’s Christmas time already. Time seems to move so fast, and we get swept up for the ride. I have had a busy few months with travel through India, Nepal and Bangladesh; family member with cancer surgery (she’s on the mend), and one my sisters passing on to the next life. So many changes going on everywhere and in every aspect of life.

This fall the world certainly had a wild ride with nature tragedies, man-made tragedies and long-held secrets coming to light. All this release of energy can make us feel dizzy and unbalanced and seeking some stable port in the storm. 

Reach within yourself and grab hold of your own power, strength and spiritual stability. Remember who you are – a Divine Being of Light! All of us are one with all that is, surrounded by loving support and the knowingness of where we go from here. Take the next step for you, what action is going to help you find your center of serenity and peace? 

We are each unique and as such, there are infinite ways to attain that stability and centeredness. Look at what you’ve traveled through this past year of YOUR life and see what can be jettisoned, what could use some refinement, some tender loving care, and renew our connection to the Light of all that is.  

You are the power center. You control your master switch. Open the floodgates for the energy of creation, the energy to manifest in your life all the best things – for your highest good – LOVE, JOY, ABUNDANCE, CELEBRATION and self-acceptance and respect for your true self, the most amazing YOU! As you let this loving energy flow through and around you, life can evolve into a more wonderful experience of life.  

Remember the power of this holiday season – to love they neighbor as THYSELF, to be in joy for all we have and to have FUN.

August 2017

Hot August Nights!! – Whew, the energy during August is going to be intense and life altering. Two new moons in one month – opportunities to project (manifest) what you want to come into your energy field. Leo is full of courage and sense of purpose, but there are other energies (lunar eclipse AND solar eclipse) to help BALANCE the energies so we can intuitively know when it is time to release those things/people in our lives who are just not compatible anymore. 

Even if it is difficult and “has always been that way,” let go so you can move forward. REBOOT yourself to get back in balance and allow your energy to be centered, focused and grounded. Find time for you – to think on who YOU are, what YOU want and be good to yourself by taking good care of the body. Taking good care of your SPIRIT, and connect with the Divine Light within and feel the love and power fill you with knowingness of what is for your highest good.

Energy will be surging around us, so stay rooted, steady and FOCUSED on what is good for you. Keep negative energies outside of your energy field – they don’t belong there. Let in only the LOVE, JOY, FUN, LAUGHTER, and SELF-HONOR. If you are good to yourself, you’ll find it very easy to be good to others. Now is a good time to be sending out LOTS of LOVE!! We can all use it.

December 2016

WINTER SOLSTICE is time for returning to the “nest” – to your HEART. Release and let go of all that has transpired for the year. Know that it is time to release, clear the mind and spirit. Give to the earth and sky all that no longer serves you, let go of any burden you may feel for it is time to rest, relax and rekindle your true self, your higher spirit. Hear your inner light, feel its peace and serenity, allow yourself to absorb, feel and enjoy all the love and insight from Divine Energy.

During this winter time of rest and reflection let go of all negatives and focus on where you want to be and what you want to come into your life. That’s what resolutions are – focusing on all good things you want to enter your life and your energy field. If you want a healthier body – think of eating and doing good things to make it happen, instead of thinking of the negative – “I have to give up my favorite foods and sweat at exercise I don’t like!”) LOL – we’ve all been there. If you’re looking for new job or relationship, quickly review what makes current one unpleasant, release the negative and focus on what you do want in a job/relationship and keep that in focus, and allow what you DO want to come in. We are more inclined to act on positive instincts rather than the negative.

November 2016

We are beginning the season of being more introspective, settling down, and gathering all that we might need to “survive” the winter. What beyond food, shelter and clothing do we really want to be around us now?  

If you are seeking adventures and activities, there are lots of opportunities. Traveling to family or friends to visit for the holidays, doing those winter sports and activities that can only be done this time of year, or perhaps trying them for the first time. Meeting up with family and friends you haven’t seen in a while can sometimes feel like a marathon sport.   

As you prepare yourself, take time to center and connect with the energy of who you are, a Divine Being of Light. Get yourself focused, connected, and knowing who you are, what you want in your life. Listen to your own spirit guides, angels, light beings – LISTEN and feel what is right for you. KNOW that you are connected and yes, hear your inner voices talking with you, guiding you. TRUST that your heart is your best guide. Do what you feel is right for you. It may be at odds with what you “usually” do to please others, but you can allow yourself to please YOU as well.  

And as you listen, hear and connect, be sure to let go of regrets, guilt, fear, shame, anger – it only blocks the joy, laughter, celebration and love from flowing into your life. All the hurts from the past need to be let go. Release and forgive any and everyone involved. NOW is the only time we have that we can create the way we want it. So fill it with laughter, passion, fun, joy and LOVE. It’s what the season is all about. Love of self, just as important as love for others. If you have love and acceptance of yourself, it is easier to give to others. So take care of you, and then you’ll have lots to give to others.

    ---  The Elohim

April 2016
Let go!  Release all old negative energy – anger, guilt, shame, fear, sense of unworthiness, judgement, sorrow. Let it go! It is time to make room for all the new, positive energy that is yours to take. Reach out for joy, love, laughter, success, abundance, love, self-acceptance, happiness, love!! 

 Yes, love is repeated because it is the most powerful. And the primary love is SELF-LOVE! Not in an ego way, but in self-respect and self-honor.

 You ARE a child of the Universe, a Divine being, you ARE loved! Believe this. Having that allows you to move forward in control of who you are and balance with the energies of the world. For as you love, respect and honor yourself, so also can you give to others the love, respect and honor they too deserve. It helps bring balance to everything. 

 Spring is the time to plant seeds of what you want to grow in your yard. Choose what you want to have in your life – Love, Abundance, Good Job, etc. Take each seed you want to plant, as you focus on it and create it in your mind, send it out into the universe and allow the SUN of Divine Energy to shine on it, nurture it and let it bloom. You need to “water” it by keeping the energy around you positive, be in acceptance and allow Universal Source to give you your heart’s desire. Be in gratitude for your universal connection. KNOW that you create your life and the energy around you. Believe in the Divine Energy that is YOU. We believe in you.
---- The Pleiadians

November 2015
The holiday season is upon us with all its variety of energy. Happy times to be with family and friends and share good food. The stress of family, friends and all that food. Focus on the love and joy and let go of old thought patterns and expectations you have for the holidays. Forgive old hurts and allow yourself to be forgiven. Wipe the slate clean! Now is what you have, and now is where you start over. Begin with no expectations and just ALLOW joy, laughter and love, be open to let it all come to you. ENJOY the now with you, family, friends and food.

You are in the season of family and love and letting those dear to you know that you care for them. You all share love and joy with each other and allow happiness and having fun come to the forefront during this time. Carry this with you throughout the year and make more time for happy, fun times. You deserve it! It makes life so much more enjoyable and allows the energy to expand and bring good positive energy to everyone. Bring balance into your life. There always seems to be time to work, make sure there is also always time for joy, laughter and love to be more prominent in your lives. JOY to you and all you love. 

Elohim of Angels

October 2015
We are riding high on an energy wave that surrounds Earth and all her wonderful people at this time. Feel the energy emanating from all of nature, which includes you. Humans are natural energy and breathe in harmony with Universal Source, the energy of the Divine. You are an integral part of Divine Energy. WE surround you in love, light and joy so you can choose to have the most enjoyable time in your lifetime NOW. You do not need to wait until “things get better,” make them better NOW, by recognizing at least three positive things about your life and the people and activities in it every day. Oh come on, you can do it, you know there are lot more than that. Something even as simple as having water to drink, sun is shining, first cup of coffee or tea in the morning, hearing the joy of a child’s laughter, having five minutes to call your own, a devoted pet, beautiful flowers or trees. It is endless. As you allow yourselves to make a conscious effort to start recognizing all the POSITIVE aspects of your life, they begin to take prominence in your thoughts, more positive things pop into your mind, and then grow into positive manifestations! Know that YOU are the creator of your environment. YOU have control over how you deal with the energy that surrounds you. Find positive, good, more pleasant thoughts that help you relax and enjoy yourself wherever you are. Let the negative recede into the background and shrink into a minor annoyance that you can deal with easily. We realize this is easier for some and difficult for others, but TRY – begin to change your LIFE with recognizing all the good things occurring in your life throughout every day. Put your focus on positive and bring into your life what you want – LOVE, ABUNDANCE, JOY, LAUGHTER, FUN. Make it happen, you are in control. Believe in yourself!
Universal Source

March 2015
The energy surrounding earth at this time is of great significance. A rise in mass consciousness is evolving and expanding. There are many waves of energy from the heavens enveloping this beautiful planet. There are those who are able to absorb this energy and understand it, and there are those who are feeling battered and bruised by the bouncing around of the energy. Know that as you breathe deep, bringing up energy from the earth through your feet and up through your body you are grounding yourself. This allows you to stand strong as the energy for your highest good flows through you. Allow only energy for your highest good to come through. YOU set the parameters for the energy within you. YOU are the one who has absolute control and responsibility of the divine energy that you choose to allow into your spiritual awareness. The energy works with you and enhances your spirit and your mind with awareness of who you are! Why you are here, and endeavors to fill your life with LOVE, JOY, LAUGHTER and UNDERSTANDING of your connection to All That Is. You are one with the Divine Energy, as it is one with you. All the peoples on this planet create a unified “entity” of oneness that generates a great mass of energy that can be used to manifest great joy and peace upon your planet.  Use it wisely and with love.  Trust, know and accept each other for the great being of divine energy that each individual is – KNOW that you are all one with the light. We are indeed blessed to be here to observe and assist with the expansion of the light. Open your heart to the light, and breathe in that which is for your highest good. Blessings to all.
  The Pleidians

Sept. 2014
There are many ongoing changes for the earth and her people. There are government changes and social shifts as spiritual awareness grows within all humans. There is much enlightenement and self-awareness of our true connection to the Divine and All That Is. For there is great energy surrounding this planet and there are many who are learning to use and grow with it and have fun! Know that you can be one of those who tap into the Source and enjoy th more peaceful creation of life for yourself. Enjoy successful relationships both in love and in business. Know that connecting with your true self, your higher self will help you achieve great joy and abundance in your life. Be serene in the moment. Know that you are creating your life right now, right this second! Create joy, love and peace right now! And you will carry it forth to the next second, the next, the next, and on to create your most enjoyable future. Bring joy to your life by listening to your heart. The heart is the greatest creator for power in the universe. Great things can be done when a true heart, and belief in one’s self is the foundation of action. Follow your passion. Allow yourself to enjoy your life and share this joy with your loved ones and friends. We are delighted that many are awakening to their true self, their higher self and are becoming ever more aware that there is power within each of us to create our perfect life. Be who you truly are – a Divine Being connected to the Source of all that is, you are all one, for now and always.
The Council of Light

We are here to greet you at the dawn of this new era so that we may be of assistance to all of you who seek a higher awareness and a connection with your spiritual/intuitive self.  There is so much more to "reality" than can be imagined if you but open up your heart and trust in your own higher consciousness.  Be not afraid of looking within and really understand what you are made of.  You are a child of the Divine Light, the Source, God, whatever name you wish to give it, but it is all the same loving and benevolent energy.  You are a divine being of light that is in physical form on this planet and you are indeed a very important part of the whole.  Your individual light helps create the universal glow that is everywhere.  There are multiple dimensions and civilizations in the universe and you are part of all of them even if you are not consciously aware,  

As we send this message on the eve of the new era, know that the energies have been at work for eons and that all will be as YOU create it to be.  All beings on this planet have the extremely rare opportunity to feel this alignment with the galactic sun, allow the energy and love and connection with all that is flow through your physical being and embrace it with your soul.  This will create the paradise on earth.  There is no doomsday coming, you all made a detour from that scenario almost 30 years ago when you began to look for harmony and inner peace and a stronger spiritual connection.  You all knew in your hearts that there could be a better world and ever so slowly the energy shifted to allow for this time to be more peaceful and less disruptive than it could have been.  YOU have the power to create your future.  You have always had this power.  You are the creator of the next act in your existence -- BELIEVE in yourself.  BELIEVE in love.  BELIEVE in compassion.  BELIEVE in tolerance and understanding.  BELIEVE in honoring others as you honor yourself. BELIEVE in and honor your planet Earth, she is of great value. These are the beliefs that will shape this great new era on our planet.  

As the Hopi have said -- We are the ones we have been waiting for!  

Let's make it a world where we all live with love and all have the comforts of life and the joy and freedom to express themselves.  

  -- Pleidians, Angels, and many others -- for this is the time of a great gathering and we are all here for you.

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