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The Benefits of channeled readings.

Do you have a lot of unanswered questions?  Do you want to know "WHY am I here?"  "Where am I going next?"  "Why do I feel so disconnected from my job, friends, family?"  "What can I do to make a change in my life?"  "Where is my magic wand?!"

Your answers are within you and your energy field.  We are all pure energy, love, creation and light.  Channeled readings help you connect with your higher self – the higher self who knows every cell of your being, your heart’s desires now and in the past, knows all that you are now and have ever been – and continually loves you,  always and forever, no matter what!

Connecting with your higher self, your angels, spirit guides, or star beings can help answer many questions, bring understanding of your life to you and help you choose your path and find more fulfillment and  joy in life.

TAKE THAT FIRST STEP – connect to your higher self.

Joy and laughter – two forms of expression that makes the heart light and eases the mind and the body.  Do you feel it when you are joyful?  Do you feel how your mind relaxes as well as the body? The burden of your “problems” are eased as you let joy permeate your heart and being.  

Notice how wonderful that joy feels as you are experiencing it.  Remember that feeling and try to duplicate it as often as you can – better yet, duplicate it ALL the time!  Your world will change.  Into it will come the peace of mind, the sharing of love, and laughter will erupt at all the right times, because you will want to laugh for the sheer joy of feeling joyful.  

Be happy that you are happy.  Feel good about yourself and what you are.  Feel the vibration of laughter within you as you share the happy times with yourself, or with another.  And as you laugh your vibrations carry out and those around you start to laugh.  Laughter is contagious – many times it has been shown that someone starts laughing and although those around don’t know why they are laughing, it is irresistible to stop the joy as it enters and “tickles the funny bone” and the joy escapes into laughter and spreads vibrations of joy and love to you and everyone.  All who have heard and shared in the laughter have been freed of their sadness, or low feelings, or just dull contemplations.  

The vibration of the laughter shakes up the frequency and raises the thoughts and heart and mind to a new level of joy and heart center.  You are shaking off the doldrums and allowing a higher, more loving frequency to come into your I AM presence.  Practice this often throughout your day.  Feel joy, laugh outloud and hold the vibrations of that laughter within you as long as possible.  And as you practice this everyday, know and be aware that it is changing your life.  For a smile on the face can help bring the smile to your heart and that is where miracles begin.

Radio Interview & Channeling 12-21-12 Tawn Talks
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Click on button below to listen to Christine's Interview on "Tawn Talks" on Sedona Talk Radio 12-21-12  (channeling begins at 18:40 to 38:04)